Remembering Karen Kerin – Vermont Libertarian Candidate for Attorney General

karen-kerin-2Karen was a fiscally conservative, pro-liberty supporter of the law as created by the nation and state founders.

While campaigning, Karen fought for victim’s rights, regulatory reform and gun rights. Karen felt there was too little justice for the victims of crime. Karen felt that we had too many laws and regulations that intruded on our liberty to use our own personal property as we see fit as well as costing the state much needed jobs. Karen also felt we must protect our state’s rights and as an example she spoke against the health care bill and wished to join other states in suing the federal government to overturn it. Karen also was a ardent supporter of the gun rights and spoke against actions to limit personal gun ownership.

Karen was a very committed and passionate candidate for the Vermont Libertarian Party. She ran for office even in poor health traveling the state, attending state committee meetings, campaigning and fighting for victims and for what she felt was right, despite her personal suffering and poor finances.

You can read more about Karen Kerin at her 2010 campaign website:

Remembering Hardy Macia – Vermont Libertarian Activist

Hardy Macia

Last Sunday, I attended the “Celebration of Life” for Hardy Macia, former chair of the Vermont Libertarian Party and one of Vermont’s greatest Libertarian-activists. It was very moving to see so many people express how much he touched their lives.

I said a few words about Hardy. For those interested, I have posted a transcript below…


I knew Hardy for a short time when he lived here in Vermont and my involvement with him was through his political efforts.

I first met Hardy when he ran for governor. I was just learning about Libertarianism at the time and discovered the Libertarian Party in Vermont had a candidate for governor. I had contacted him by email I believe and then he surprised me by calling me and asking to meet at my home. I was so surprised at the offer. He had showed up that day and he explained a whole lot about the party and his campaign. Hardy was very straight-forward about how he felt about a variety of issues. It impressed my wife Heavenly and I so much we both got involved with his campaign and the party soon after.

Since then, I’ve witnessed him campaign and work so passionately for the cause of liberty for all. He showed much dedication and optimism in everything he worked on. Everyone seemed to like him, even those who didn’t agree his beliefs. People knew he was the real deal, even if they didn’t agree with his positions, they knew he was doing what he felt was right and they respected that.

He inspired me to run for local office myself and he was very helpful throughout the process and provided much support and encouragement.

He was a crucial part of the party here in Vermont and we’ve missed him very much since he left for New Hampshire. I have committed to keeping the party alive here in Vermont since he left and will continue to as long as I can. I’m sure he will be widely missed by his New Hampshire friends as well.

You will be missed Hardy… may you rest in peace!


Gary Johnson Interview

Below is an interview with Gary Johnson on national issues. In the interview Gary Johnsons supports:

  • More competition/ free market in healthcare
  • Balanced budgets
  • Auditing and/or ending the federal reserve
  • Commodity backed currency
  • Out of Libya
  • Pro choice up to late term/ pro parental notification
  • Strict interpretation of the constitution and bill of rights
  • Ending foreign aid
  • Military alliances with Isreal and other partners
  • Ending NAFTA and other free trade agreements (as he believes they only promote support of corporate interests and do not promote free trade
  • Make work visas easy to get, allow illegal immigrants a grace period to get work visas, no work place visa quotas, let the market determine the demand
  • Legalize marijuana, addresses border violence by taking the money out of drug trade, violence goes away – legalize and tax/regulate,
  • Green energy movement

If Gary Johnson decides to run for president in 2012, he could be a good possible candidate.

However, he would most likely run as Republican which would most likely mean he will not get too far as I don’t believe the National Republican party would let him get too far, they would most likely do whatever necessary to marginalize his efforts, like what happened with Ron Paul. He will not make it past the primary.

I would rather see him seek the Libertarian nomination or run as an independent so that he could at least be in the race when it comes time for the people to vote.

More about Gary Johnson:

Martin Luther King, Jr. Liberty Themed Quotes

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Here are some liberty themed quotes by Martin Luthor King, Jr.:

  • He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetuate it. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • There comes a time when a moral man can’t obey a law which his conscience tells him is unjust. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal. – Martin Luther King Jr.

  • An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law. – Martin Luther King Jr.

Feel free to add more of your favorites below as a comment…

New Vermont Libertarian-based TV Show

The Woodchuck Report is a new tv show on Channel 17.  The show is hosted by two local Libertarians, Bonnie Scott and Ruel Wheelock. 

The show runs monthly, the second Friday of the month.  They have done two shows so far and a new show is comes out today, 6/13.

Scott and Wheelock explore the Libertarian view of local and national politics on the show.

The last show on 5/9/2008 had topics including State legislature ajorns, national popular vote plan, potholes, vermont gubernatorial race, Catamount Health, activists arrested at General Dynamics, War deployment, The Intervale/ fines, ground water access, 4 year terms for Governor.

Below is the video archive of the show…

Ron Paul in Vermont

Burlington Libertarian, Ben Mayer, of the Vermont Ron Paul group is asking for your help in getting a total of 1,000 signatures by Christmas in order to get Ron Paul on the ballot here in Vermont as a Republican candidate to win the March 4th primary.

The Vermont Ron Paul group has achieved 700 signatures so far, which leaves 300 left. However, they are shooting for 400 to be safe.

If interested in helping out, please contact Ben Mayer at 845-399-0201 or by email at [email protected] with “Ron Paul Petition” in the subject line.

You may also find out more about the Vermont Ron Paul group at the following links:

Ron Paul for President 2008

Ron PaulThat’s right, Ron Paul recently started an exploratory committee for a 2008 presidential campaign.

Paul has represented Texas’s 14th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1997, and had previously served as the representative from Texas’s 22nd district in 1976 and from 1979 to 1985.

Paul previously ran for president in 1998 as a Libertarian. After losing the race, he returned to congress as Republican, against the Republican party leadership’s wishes and has continued to serve since.

Ron Paul and the Libertarian Party

Ron Paul joined the Libertarian Party in 1987 as a lifetime member. Even though he has served in congress as a Republican he has been on good terms with the Libertarian Party. He has spoken at numerous Libertarian events and has many Libertarian supporters. He has been seen as our only hope in congress. Unlike most polititians, Paul received the majority of his campaing contributions (92.5% in 2004 and 96.8% in 2006) from indivdiduals.

Ron Paul’s Views

Paul is for a limited governemnt, libertarian philosophy. Paul often votes against proposals for increased government spending, intiatives or taxes. His often dissents in otherwise unanimous votes have irrited many of his fellow Republicans, which has earned him the nickname “Dr. No” (an example being his dissenting vote in the No Child Left Behind Act where he was one of three Representatives voting against it.

Paul also advocates a strict non-interventionist foreign policy. He voted against the Iraq war. He voted against the Patriot Act both times and is very opposed to the military draft. He endorsed American withdrawal from the United Nations.

Paul opposes nearly all government intervention in the market. He supports the abolition of the income tax, most Cabinet departments and the Federal Reserve. He also endorses defederalization of the healthcare system. Paul’s campaign slogan for 2004 was “The Taxpayers’ Best Friend!”.

The following is a segment from what movie maker Aaron Russo had to say recently about Ron Paul…

You may have heard that the Honorable Congressman Ron Paul is exploring running for the Republican nomination in 2008. Congressman Paul will be the only uncompromising defender of the Constitution in the race. I can’t tell you how grateful I felt, how full of heartfelt joy, and how much enthusiasm I felt when I heard the news of his Candidacy. I am 1000% behind him! Ron Paul has stepped up to the plate because he knows what we all know: the noose is tightening, and there isn’t much time if we hope to restore to Constitutional Government.

I called Ron yesterday to tell him I am on board to do ANYTHING it takes to support his campaign. NOW is the time for the ENTIRE Freedom Movement, all Third Parties, ALL GOOD AMERICANS EVERYWHERE, from all political stripes and persuasions, to unite to overtake the weakened Republican Party. Stand firmly behind Ron Paul, and work to restore our Constitutional Republic.

Aaron Russo adds, “Please be sure visit and sign up as a volunteer to support this effort. Also, please share this video link concerning my comments about the 9/11 fraud – ie. In the past 2 1/2 months we have had over 1 million views of American: Freedom To Fascism on Google Video. The movie has received the highest possible rating of 5 Stars from the viewing audience. This is an incredible testement to the American public’s appetite to learn about freedom. Please keep spreading the word of freedom by sending this email around the world. Here’s the link to the movie on Google Video:

More information on Ron Paul:

The Real Meaning of Thanksgiving

The following links are two articles which describe a very different version of history around the holiday of Thanksgiving. I first heard about this version a couple years ago on Free Talk Radio, a Libertarian-leaning, free-market radio show.

The articles below describe how Thanksgiving is really a celebration of free markets and private property over socialism, which had caused much famine and fraud throughout the colonies. 

You most likely never heard about this if you went to public schools… I know I never did.

Read them for yourself and feel free to comment…

Property and the First Thanksgiving
By Gary Galles

The Great Thanksgiving Hoax
By Richard J. Marbury

Thoughts on the Election

First, a big thank you to all the Libertarian candidates that ran! There were several fine Libertarian state house candidates. Unfortunately, I could not vote for any of them because none of them were in my district.

There were very few candidates that I felt comfortable voting for… that I could live with. I had a hard time telling the difference between many of the candidates. It seems that whether the candidate is democrat or republican the candidate still supports policy that will result in more expensive and intrusive government.

I feel that the election results proved yet again that the people are not ready yet for serious change… things simply are not bad enough yet for many people to really take a stand. The best one can hope for is a balance of democrats and republicans so that they will spend all their time arguing and not get anything done… causing us less harm.

I have faith that it’s only a matter of time before people will take a stand and liberty will prevail… as it always does eventually.

Prospective Libertarian Candidates

Hardy Machia, our state party chair, has been working very hard to find good Libertarian candidates to run this year for Vermont state house. The goal is to get 10, he has already found 8 interested candidates. Good job!

Hardy has been trying hard to located some good candidates in Burlington. Chris HaesslyHe wanted me to run this year, but at this time, I don’t feel I can. Today, we met with Chris Haessly, who’s a progressive who’s open to the possibility of running as a fusion candidate, where he would be running as a Progressive-Libertarian. We’ve known him for a while now and I respect him and feel he’s a committed activist for causes he believes in, but after discussing the possibility it was obvious to most of us that we just have different principlies and ideology that doesn’t fit.

Haessly strongly believes that many important services in life are far to important to be left to the free-market and we believe that many important services are far too important to be left to the governement. Haessly believes in things like single-payer universal healthcare, government-run affordable housing, mandatory liveable wages, stronger public education, strong zoning and code enforcement, more government-run services such as Burlington Telecom, along with increased taxation.

These are the kind of things that as Libertarians, we fear very much. I feel it just wouldn’t make sense for Haessly to run with a Libertarian label. However, we would be very happy to work with Haessly on any specific issue that we all agree on as we did with the some Greens and Republicans on the Fluoride issue. I think its just good strategy for members of different parties to collaborate on issues where they do agree.

Please contact me if you have a passion for liberty and have an interest in running for something in Burlington as a Libertarian or fusion candidate. If elsewhere in Vermont contact Hardy Machia.

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