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Remembering Hardy Macia – Vermont Libertarian Activist

Hardy Macia

Last Sunday, I attended the “Celebration of Life” for Hardy Macia, former chair of the Vermont Libertarian Party and one of Vermont’s greatest Libertarian-activists. It was very moving to see so many people express how much he touched their lives.

I said a few words about Hardy. For those interested, I have posted a transcript below…


I knew Hardy for a short time when he lived here in Vermont and my involvement with him was through his political efforts.

I first met Hardy when he ran for governor. I was just learning about Libertarianism at the time and discovered the Libertarian Party in Vermont had a candidate for governor. I had contacted him by email I believe and then he surprised me by calling me and asking to meet at my home. I was so surprised at the offer. He had showed up that day and he explained a whole lot about the party and his campaign. Hardy was very straight-forward about how he felt about a variety of issues. It impressed my wife Heavenly and I so much we both got involved with his campaign and the party soon after.

Since then, I’ve witnessed him campaign and work so passionately for the cause of liberty for all. He showed much dedication and optimism in everything he worked on. Everyone seemed to like him, even those who didn’t agree his beliefs. People knew he was the real deal, even if they didn’t agree with his positions, they knew he was doing what he felt was right and they respected that.

He inspired me to run for local office myself and he was very helpful throughout the process and provided much support and encouragement.

He was a crucial part of the party here in Vermont and we’ve missed him very much since he left for New Hampshire. I have committed to keeping the party alive here in Vermont since he left and will continue to as long as I can. I’m sure he will be widely missed by his New Hampshire friends as well.

You will be missed Hardy… may you rest in peace!


Campaign Websites Now Online

Over the past 3 weeks I have volunteered to develop and manage the campaign websites for our Libertarian state house candidates. Six of them are now complete. You can view them online by clicking the links below:

  • David Atkinson: State Representative, Orange-Addison-1
  • Ben Todd: State Representative, Orleans-Calendonia-1
  • Thomas Carpenter Jr: State Representative, Rutland-5-3
  • Kevin Volz: State Representative, Rutland-5-4
  • Jeff Manney: State Representative, Rutland-5-1
  • Hardy Machia: State Representative, Grand Isle-Chittenden-1-1

    I also put up a webpage for our JP candidate here in Burlington, Robert Bussiere.  Click here to check it out.

    …and most recently I’ve been reworking the Vermont Libertarian Website… it’s still a work in progress, but it’s looking better already.

    As you can see we’ve been quite busy!

  • Prospective Libertarian Candidates

    Hardy Machia, our state party chair, has been working very hard to find good Libertarian candidates to run this year for Vermont state house. The goal is to get 10, he has already found 8 interested candidates. Good job!

    Hardy has been trying hard to located some good candidates in Burlington. Chris HaesslyHe wanted me to run this year, but at this time, I don’t feel I can. Today, we met with Chris Haessly, who’s a progressive who’s open to the possibility of running as a fusion candidate, where he would be running as a Progressive-Libertarian. We’ve known him for a while now and I respect him and feel he’s a committed activist for causes he believes in, but after discussing the possibility it was obvious to most of us that we just have different principlies and ideology that doesn’t fit.

    Haessly strongly believes that many important services in life are far to important to be left to the free-market and we believe that many important services are far too important to be left to the governement. Haessly believes in things like single-payer universal healthcare, government-run affordable housing, mandatory liveable wages, stronger public education, strong zoning and code enforcement, more government-run services such as Burlington Telecom, along with increased taxation.

    These are the kind of things that as Libertarians, we fear very much. I feel it just wouldn’t make sense for Haessly to run with a Libertarian label. However, we would be very happy to work with Haessly on any specific issue that we all agree on as we did with the some Greens and Republicans on the Fluoride issue. I think its just good strategy for members of different parties to collaborate on issues where they do agree.

    Please contact me if you have a passion for liberty and have an interest in running for something in Burlington as a Libertarian or fusion candidate. If elsewhere in Vermont contact Hardy Machia.

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