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  1. Haik Bedrosian
    November 17, 2006 @ 12:00 am

    I was pleased as punch with the election results.  This election helped stop our slide toward fascism under George W. Evil Monster.


  2. Jeremy Ryan
    November 18, 2006 @ 12:00 am

    Hello Haik!

    I agree that the last election results at the national level helped balance the party control between the republicans and democrats which should counteract Bush’s negative policies. However, I don’t feel that it makes too much of a difference in regards to wars that our country may start. Democrats and Republicans both seem to use wars to increase their power and taxation.  The only difference is when a republican starts a war… it’s usually over spreading democracy or attacking terroism or getting control over oil, whereas with democrats they claim its for peace-keeping or international aid, but the real reason is it makes it easier for them to increase tax revenue and for power-hungry politicians to spread their influence around their world.  This is just how it appears to be to me.

    At the local level the power is still way to heavy on the democrat side… it needs to be more balanced by more republicans in office to counteract the democrats negative policies.

    Of course I would prefer a completely Libertarian controlled grovernment as even with a balanced government there is stil going to be more bad policy inflicted on us as both major parties want… more power and to get that they both need more taxation and more regulation.
    However, a balanced government is preferred over a democrat or republican majority controlled government where the polices can be even more dangerous.


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