Campaign Reflection and The Future

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As you may know by now we lost the election, but we all did a great job that we can be very proud of. Most people I talked to didn’t really know what a Libertarian was or who I was. We got a lot of exposure and provided a real alternative choice for a change. Our volunteers and supporters gave so much… I was very surprised how much people were willing to give to our campaign in terms of donations and support. I am very thankful for this, as it helped us to push on throughout the last several months.

Heavenly and I have no regrets about running for city council. When we’ve talked about what we saw wrong in the city and how it should be different, people urged us to run. It was duty to run as I believe if you find something that really bothers you or something that should change, it’s your job on this earth to try to do something about it and that’s what we did. I’m proud of what we did.

Now for the future, Heavenly and I will continue to attend the city council meetings and anything else significant. We will also be looking for opportunities to find candidates to run as a Libertarian in ward 7 as well as other wards. Anyone interested in discussing this with us, please contact me. We learned a lot about the election and campaign process and I would be glad to share what we learned and even help manage your campaign.

Heavenly and I will also be restarting our Ethan Allen Radio podcast very shortly and I will be converting the campaign website into a blog site very shortly, come back often!

In fact, please sign up for our mailing list and we’ll let you know as soon as the site changes or our next podcast is available.





Also, if anyone would like my advice or help with issues or dealing with the city, please feel free to contact me. I would be glad to act as your “private” city councilor free of charge!

Again, a huge thanks to everyone who volunteered, donated and voted for me!


Jeremy Ryan

Moran Plant Public Forum

We attended the Moran Plant Public Forum at the Burlington High School. We now have a lot more choices to choose from. I personally would support either something that would allow ALL citizens access to the property, such as another park like what we have on the waterfront, if they want the taxpayers to continue paying for it, or convert it to mixed use and allow someone or a group to do something with it that generates tax revenue to help reduce our city’s budget problem. As long as the city isn’t giving away our valuable property to the politically connected!

Armory Open House

We have held off from finishing the petition the last few days because of the rain. Tonight, we attended the Armory Open House, which was to get citizens to see what the Armory looked like and encourage ideas from the public. It does appear that there are a lot of possibilities from recreational to meeting rooms to a branch library, which would all be great for our area. However, I know many people, myself included, are concerned about the added yearly costs that the city would incur from this project. This should certainly be considered. Perhaps user fees could be considered?

Gathering signatures for the petition

We began gathering signatures for my petition to be on the ballot. We went around Farrington Mobile Home Park, where Heavenly and I live. We had very favorable results. We gathered about 28 signatures today… we need about 17 signatures to complete the petition. People were eager to sign our petition and wished us well in our campaign. People were glad to have someone from the neighborhood running. We also got some good feedback on what people would like to see happened, which included better attention to basic city services such as roads, more fiscal responsibility as well as paying more attention to what the people want.

Campaign begins

Heavenly and I met with Alan Sousie who ran the last two years here in ward 7. He has volunteered to help our campaign and we discussed various issues with him as well as some campaign strategy. We determined that we must get started as soon as possible, starting with getting the paperwork from the city clerk’s office for getting us on the ballot. We also need to get a bank account started for the campaign, create a fundraiser list and begin drafting a fundraiser letter.

Later in the day, we got the paperwork for getting us on the March ballot. The paperwork includes a petition which needs to be signed by 45 ward 7 residents that are registered voters.

Then, we attended a Vermont National Youth Rights Association (NYRA) meeting, where we discussed the various youth rights issues brought up by youth such as the drinking age, voting age, and student rights.

Feb 4, 2005 – Letter to the Editor

Feb 4, 2005 – Letter to the Editor – Burlington Free Press

Below is the text from a Letter to the Editor from Heavenly Ryan, Vice Chair of Burlington Libertarian Town Committee

(Note: When the letter was written, the YMCA’s main arguement was they needed the Moran plant facility because they’re overcrowded at the College St. facility)

In response to the “Zero tolerance” letter to the editor, I support reviewing the

Feb 17, 2005 – Letter to the Editor

Below is the text from a Letter to the Editor from Jeremy Ryan, Chair of Burlington Libertarian Town Committee

(Note: When the letter was written, the City council nearly passed the ban unanimously on Feb. 7th)

Regarding the smoking-ban extension to private clubs: Several of us
citizens at the last council meeting were shocked at the speedy
decision to ban smoking in private clubs. The smoking ban is an
offensive intrusion of property rights — it’s un-American, it’s
unconstitutional. A private club is just that, “private.” When
members are OK with smoking, can’t it be their choice? Can’t the
smokers have some bars? No. After the decision, we informed one of
the private clubs affected. They were disgusted to hear that the
council would decide their fate without inviting them to discuss it
and voice their opinion. Some members even didn’t believe the city
could do this to them.

Whether you’re a smoker or not, a member of a private club or not,
we as citizens of this great country must ensure that everyone’s
rights are protected to ensure that our own will be protected. Some
councilors and the mayor will argue it’s a matter of “public health.”
They are trying to create a “nanny state,” which protects us from
ourselves. We are increasingly prisoners of a hospital-like state.
There are a million things you can do to save more lives. We can
outlaw Big Macs if you want. Maybe that’s next. Lawyers have already
sued McDonald’s for “causing” obesity.

I urge the private clubs to fight it any way they can and I suggest
the City Council do the “honorable” thing and reverse this
unconstitutional ban that destroys the very essence of our freedoms.
Leave these choices to the property owners, business owners and

The writer is Burlington Libertarian Party chairman.

~*~ Vice Chair’s Side Note:
For more information about the ban, please visit:

The Burlington Libertarian Party has formed!

BURLINGTON, VERMONT – December 4, 2004

We are proud to announce the formation of Burlington Libertarian Party! Local Burlington issues were discussed and elections were held. The state executive committee held their meeting after the Burlington meeting.


Jeremy Ryan, Chair
Burlington Libertarian Party
53 Avenue C
Burlington, Vermont
Phone: 802/865-0111
Fax: 309/406-3143
Email: [email protected]

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