I’m back!

Hello all!

Hope everyone has been enjoying summer.  Heavenly and I have been doing our best to get out as much as possible, which has left little to know time for me to keep this blog up to date.

From now on, I should be able to post regularly again.

A couple updates…

1.  Heavenly and I have set record weight losses.  I have lost 55 pounds in 22 weeks!  I believe the reason I was able to do this was I made sure to keep monitoring the progress every day and I made sure to stick to the habit of exercising at least 1 hour a day (lately, I’ve been exercising 3 hours a day).

2.  Business and monitoring investments has been keeping me quite busy as business has been quite good and investments have been very volitile, so I feel the need to monitor them more closely and I’ve needed to adjust my portfolio accordingly… I would suggest now is a good time to be more defensive.  Stocks like Berskhire Hathaway, Pepsi, Johnson and Johnson, Proctor and Gamble, etc. are good and safe investments right now.  Silver is also a good bet with the rapidly declined dollar over the last few months.

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