Rand Paul, on Ron Paul, in Burlington, Vermont

Rand Paul (Ron Paul’s son) spoke at the Firehouse Gallery here in Burlington on Monday. Heavenly and I attended and I was impressed with Rand. He sounds a lot like his father. He explains and defends Paul’s positions very well. 

A big thanks to Lincoln White, Ben Mayer and Kevin Ryan for arranging the event!

However, I was surprised that only one Burlington republican that I know of showed up at the event. I figured that some would show up as Ron Paul is a republican presidential candidate.

As I feared, it appears that many republicans are not willing to give Ron Paul a chance. He may just be to far from what it means to be a modern-republican. Unfortunately, it seems that the modern republican party no longer believes in the small-government philosophy that Ron Paul believes in.

For Paul to win the republican nomination, it will require many non-republicans to convert and vote for him, which many people will not do.

It’s my hope that if Paul loses the republican nomination, he still runs for president as an independent or Libertarian as I cannot imagine most Ron Paul supporters (or Ron Paul himself) being supportive of any of the other candidates.

More information on Ron Paul activism in Vermont:

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