Bob Barr on Glenn Beck and Colbert Report

Below is an hour long interview of Bob Barr on Glen Beck discussing various issues such as economics, global warming, libertarianism, social security, taxes, war, energy, drugs, polygamy, gun control, federal reserve, free market, and more.

Most of Barr’s viewpoints and arguements were quite good in this interview and could be accepted by most libertarians.

However, regarding the issues of drugs and polygamy, I think that Barr may be missing the point about how prohibition doesn’t work.  Prohibition has never worked and never will. If you prohbit anything it just drives the practices underground and invites criminal activity for activities that are victim-less crimes.

These are decisions that should be left up to consenting adults to make on their own, not the federal government.

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6.

Also, here is video of Bob Barr’s appearance on Colbert Report. I think this went quite well considering how tough Colbert can be on people…

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