Libertarian Party nominates Barr, Root

Bob Barr and Wayne Allyn Root

The Libertarian Party has nominated Bob Barr to be the official candidate for President and Wayne Allyn Root to be the Vice-President. The selection of these two candidates was quite controversial as both are new to the party and have had some anti-libertarian views in the past.  Both have claimed to have a change of heart and have changed their views and in Barr’s case, he has apologized for them and has recently sought to reverse the damage his past actions have caused.  Many at the convention felt that they are both very sincere about their transformations and felt that by selecting them, they would best be able to communicate the ideas of liberty to the nation.

I am a bit unsure of how much support I will personally give to this campaign as I’m still not sure if I can be comfortable supporting them as it may be to early to tell just how genuine Barr’s transformation is.  Over the next few days I will be reviewing as much information and video in order to make my decision.

Here is a good Libertarian Convention commentary piece by a local Libertarian, Steven Howard.

Bob Barr’s campaign website is at:

Below is a youtube video of Bob Barr’s nomination speech…

More Bob Barr Videos

Feel free to post your comments regaring Barr/Root and the LP convention here…

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