Tom Licata Announces Run for State Senate

This week Tom Licata formally announced that he is running for Vermont state senate on the Charlie and Ernie Show.

As I mentioned in my blog entry, New Website:, I expected that Tom would run for office in the near future.  Tom has been planting the seeds for this campaign for some time by giving talks and meeting with people about the economic problems facing the state.

Tom was a guest speaker at our Vermont Libertarian Convention this year. He gave his presentation and engaged in a good discussion regarding the problems with members.

Tom is very knowledgeable on the problems and he’s not afraid to speak is mind and say what people may not want to hear. I believe he will be one of the most principled candidates running in that he will not play populist politics.  He will stick to the facts as he believes them and fight for what he believes to be right.

More information:

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