Ethan Allen Institute Meeting

The meeting was more of an informational meeting targeted towards candidates or potential candidates to help explain their views on current issues facing the state of Vermont.

First, resources for information were mentioned, including:

Then, specific issues were discussed. The major theme was the taxes are two high, government spending is out-of-control and unsustainable and that the proposed Catamount health care plan will not work for obvious reasons. Direct comparisons were made to New Hampshire and how they excel in almost any measure you can make such as poverty level, health, education quality, etc., yet their government runs on 50% less than the Vermont budget and they have more people than we do.

It was discussed how Vermont is showing more and more aggression towards people that produce and that more and more people that produce are moving away, going to places like New Hampshire where they are more appreciated. It was mentioned that Vermont is becoming a place for the poor or retired/ trust fund people as the working middle class continues to be punished.

Click here for more information about the Ethan Allen Institute.

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