Spent the Day at the Champlain Valley Fair

CVFair LogoIt was a great day to go the fair… it was warm and sunny and lots to do and see. Kevin Ryan, Heavenly and I decided today we would go to the fair together. We got there around 12:30 I believe. We started with eating since we were all hungry then went through the booths areas. Kevin stopped by the Tarrant and Progressive booths to chat for a while. We saw some of the usual shows such as Steve Bayner (the hypnotist), The Racing Pigs, and the High Dive Show. We also looked RVs that were on display… they seem cheaper than usual… most were under $100,000. It amazes me how much they can put in one of those things. Some are almost the size of our home! We also watched part of a cow milking and walked around the midway a bit.

We saw a new show called Lucky Bob, which features a comedic juggler from Boston.  It was quite good.  You can actually see parts of previous acts on his website through online video.  Click here to see more.

We briefly saw a performance of a local band called Waiting For A Miracle. To my surprise, I later found out that the drummer is Joe Villamare, who was in my class at Colchester High School.

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