Low Carb Dieting

Atkins Diet Book Heavenly and I have decided to go back on a diet again to lose a few extra pounds we’ve gained over the winter. We have found that the Atkin’s Diet (or low carb dieting or South Beach Diet) is the best one to go with instead of low calorie or low fat/vegetarian. We’ve done it in the past the results seem to be much better and of all the other diets its easier to stick to, which is must for any good diet. I think any diet, if followed, will work, but it must be something you can stick with for it to work for you.

For those who don’t know what low carb dieting is, it’s avoiding foods with high levels of carbohydrates. This would include breads, potatoes, pastas, sugar… anything starchy. What you can eat is practically any meat, cheese, fish, green vegetables. For sweets, you can eat foods that substitute Splenda for sugar. Splenda is a newer sugar substitute that is said to be far safer than others on the market.

The first two weeks of the diet are the strictest… you are restricted to 20 carbs a day for two weeks. This is to help you get a good head start on the diet. Most people can lose 10-20lbs during this period. Then, you gradually add more carbs after the two weeks until you stop losing weight (as the actual carbs one can intake without gaining weight will depend on the individual’s metabolism.).

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