Low Carb Dieting – Day 15 – 10 lbs Lost!

Atkin's Diet - Low Carb Diet

It’s been over two weeks since Heavenly and have been on the diet. We both have done quite well. I met my goal to the pound of 10 lbs… Heavenly did even better at around 15 lbs.

As yesterday marked the end of induction (the first two weeks of the Atkin’s Diet where you restrict your carb intake to 20 carbs a day total) and it was my birthday, we took a break from the diet and had some cake and went to Orchid for lunch, our favorite restuarant.

I was very curious how much extra weight I would put on after going to an all-you-can-eat buffet consisting mostly of carb items, but I actually broke even, still maintaining my my 10 lb loss! However, Heavenly and I did a lot of physical activity before lunch and didn’t have supper. An additional benefit of Atkins, or low carb dieting, is that over time your appetite is reduced. That’s why the diet calls for you to all you want as long as it’s not carbs because over time you will automatically reduce your total intake of food as your appetite grows less and less.

Ultimately, this is how everyone loses weight… eating less and exercise.

Oh, I almost forgot… if you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo, here are some low carb Cinco de Mayo recipes

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