Make Trade Not War

Rich Tarrant for Senate 2006I’ve been hearing Rich Tarrant speaking about the issues and his views. One view that I like is that globalization and free trade are far better foreign policies than protectionism and war. The point is that countries do not bomb other countries they depend on for trade.

For example, Japan will most likely never bomb us again as they need us to buy their goods. China will most likely never start a war with us as what would they do without Walmart? Tarrant states that if he was in congress now he would be looking to facilitate trade with Iran as 60% of Iranians are pro-American and this would be the best progress to ensuring peace with them.

Tarrant also argues that by reducing restrictive policies we have with other countries we could increase our exports.  Whenever we make policies that make it difficult for imports we are at the same time making it difficult for us to export products and services. 

Download Audio: Ideas Have Consequences with Rich Tarrant (3-10-2006)

Tarrant Campaign Website

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