Vermont’s Latest Tax Hike Scheme

FreedomWorks Vermont recently sent out an email alert regarding the recent proposed tax hike on cigarettes. The Vermont legislature is currently considering a tobacco tax hike under the guise that it will “pay for health care reform.”

It is believed that this proposed increase is nothing more than the “bait” in a bait and switch tactic designed to put Vermont on an irreversible path toward government-run, taxpayer funded health care.

Some facts Vermonters need to know about tobacco taxes:

  • This tax (H.663/S.287) would increase the cost of cigarettes by 60 cents to $1.79 per pack.
  • Cigarette taxes are regressive, hitting the poor hardest. 
  • Cigarette taxes cause revenue to leave the state.
  • Cigarette tax increases are notorious for pushing customers into the black market, which hurts small business owners from grocers to restaurateurs. 
  • UVM economist Art Woolf calculated that Vermont border counties already lost $432 million in retail sales – and Vermonters have 3,120 fewer jobs — in 2002 alone because of taxes and regulations. “Those jobs and sales went to New Hampshire…,” according to Wolf.

Please click here for the full email.  They also have a petition you can sign.

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