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Wayne Allyn Root

It appears that Ron Paul is winding down is campaign and does not intend to run as an independent or Libertarian if not nominated by the GOP. 

Therefore, Ron Paul supporters should be looking for another liberty oriented candidate and I believe the next best choice may be Wayne Allyn Root, who is currently seeking the nomination of the Libertarian Party. 

You can read, listen to audio and watch video about him on his website at: or his wikipedia entry: Wayne Allyn Root.

Below is a blog post by Root regarding Ron Paul scaling down his campaign…

Ron Paul all but bowed out honorably a few days ago- not only as a GOP Presidential candidate (announcing he is now focusing his energies on retaining his Congressional seat), but as a third party candidate as well. That shocked and saddened his supporters- many of whom are dedicated Libertarians.

But I say BRAVO! Doctor Paul waged a long and courageous battle – raising more money; generating more media attention; attracting more committed and passionate supporters; and attracting more voters than any political expert or Beltway insider ever imagined possible.

Ron Paul certainly created more energy, enthusiasm and passion than any 72 year old in American political history! And, more than any Libertarian ever.

God bless him.

He’s quite a hero. But now the onus falls on the Libertarian Party and its Presidential candidate to pick up the ball and cross the goal line. This is no time for a fumble. This is no time for indecision. This is no time to concede defeat. Ron Paul was the starting quarterback. He got the ball past midfield.

Now that he’s out of the game, it’s up to all of us to push the ball over the goal line for a touchdown. We must work together to do so.

Our goal must be success- not just gaining small amounts of progress, but to carry on the Ron Paul Revolution.


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