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This city council meeting turned into a tribute to Mayor Clavelle. It started with Joe McNeil and Michael Monte both praising their own efforts and Clavelle’s efforts in forcing the railroad to give up the waterfront for only $1.4 million when even they believed it was worth far more than that or even the $10 million the railroad wanted. They bragged about this and how they were lucky that the eminent domain wasn’t an issue like it is now. Then they go on to brag about how they took Leddy Park with the threat of eminent domain as well.

I was disgusted by this. They seem to have no guilt with the what they did. In fact they are very proud of it. I had a very hard time listening to everything else after this complete disrespect for property rights in front of everyone to see and everyone applauding it. It makes me wonder, did the city of Burlington get any of its land legitimately? If so, how much? It seems to me that every good piece of land the city has, was taken by force.

It’s displays like this that make me nervous about the safety of my own home, which I believe is under threat of being taken at some point by the city government as I’ve overheard city officials repeatedly say that there are areas of Burlington that could be taken to help generate more tax revenue or be used to “build” more affordable housing. When the city recently came out with a list of potential takeover targets, I very nervously checked to see if our place was on list and luckily it wasn’t.

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5 Responses to City Council Meeting

  • Yes, it was very disturbing to see Contois auditorium full of people, giving
    a standing ovation to Burlington’s use of Eminent Domain. Seemed like we were
    the only ones not applauding it. Similar to how the council and members of the
    public laughed at Mr. Bove, when he mentioned the Champlain Street Urban Renewal
    project. (For those that are not familiar with the issue, I highly recommend to
    watch the DVD, which is available at Fletcher Free.) Also, the listing of
    properties the city is eyeing to take by eminent domain is listed on this site,

  • Where is the list of takeover targets available?

  • The original list of “Potential Housing Development Sites” was included in a report distributed to members of the Super-Housing Committee.  However, when they committee held their public forums around the city, they handed out a modified report for public viewing, which didn’t include the list. City Hall should have a copy of the report… ask for the Super Housing Committee Recommendations report and ask to receive the list of Potential Housing Development Sites. They may or may not give you one.

  • Thanks man, this is good stuff to know. Your blog is great, keep it up!

  • Thank YOU for reading and participating!

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