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I’ve recently came across these two new websites/services and have enjoyed them both very much. I thought I would share them with you.

Maxthon BrowserMaxthon Review

I first found out about this brand new browser that competes with Internet Explorer and Firefox as I was reading through Google news and found that Google recently purchased a stake in this little known browser called Maxthon.

I decided to check it out and found that it seems to combine the benefits of Firefox with the reliability of Internet Explorer.

Various times I’ve tried using Firefox, I ended up losing stuff or not being able to use certain scripts I use with my web development work. With Maxthon, it uses the Internet Explorer structure while providing you most of the great innovations that Firefox has provided.

Some of the features I like include:

  • Very fast to open
  • Tabbed browsing with auto-saving of tabs so that when you close and open, the tabs you were last at appear.
  • Shows very usefull information about pages you are on.
  • Very slick interface, which is easy to customize and easy to use. Has made my browsing much more efficient.

To try it go to Music ServiceSlacker Review

Slacker is a newer online music service that intends to compete with, Itunes/Ipod and Zune as well as Sirius and XM Radio services/products.

The Slacker website allows you stream music by station according to your interests, much like Launch (or Yahoo Music) does.

You select the songs you like and can customize stations to your personal interests so that over time your station plays the songs that you like or related songs. I have used quite a bit, but find Slacker to be superior in a few ways. These include:

  • The streams are better quality.
  • The streaming uses less computer power
  • The song selection appears to be better
  • The ability of the system to match related artists with your personal taste is better.
  • The Slacker website is easier to use than Launch.
  • No ads in between songs.

Soon, Slacker intends to sell a portable device, more like Zune than the Ipod in that it will allow you to transmit unlimited music streams wirelessly for $7.50/month.

Check them out at

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