What do Residents of the New North End Want?


A survey as been put out by the @NorthEndNPA asking what residents want for their community. Anyone is welcome to comment on this. I just submitted my comments, which are below. I had trouble with the form, but you can also email them to [email protected] like a did.

The survey: http://goo.gl/gv9Ab5

My responses to selected questions are below:

What is your first impression of the above introduction? Before getting into specifics I would like an untainted thought or two.

Either New North End (NNE) or North Burlington if fine. However, people are used to the area being called the “New North End” so I’m not sure there is a real compelling reason to change it. However, I have often wondered about the possibility of the NNE splitting off from Burlington to become its own town and North Burlington could be a good name for it. Basically, we could do what South Burlington did when they split off from Burlington or Winooski from Colchester. They sought charter changes from the state legislature to become their own towns and were given that status.

It seems there would be a growing interest as it seems many citizens are not pleased with the treatment of the city government towards the NNE. Perhaps now would be the time to explore this option further?

What are the best aspects of North Burlington now? Before we duplicate or forget our better features.

Love the Leddy park and beach, and the bike path. We use them a lot during the summer months.

What are we missing? Many ideas have been mentioned, now it is your turn.

More affordable shopping options such as a department store and lower cost dining and entertainment.

What ideas below are important to you? Each of us has our own wish list. Check the ones below.

  •  Business directory
  •  Business Association for North Burlington
  •  Business to Business coordination
  •  Public library annex

What would you do to contribute to some of the ideas above? It takes people, time and resources. Anything you can give helps

A business association for the NNE is an interesting idea. It could be like BBA.org but specifically for the NNE. I’m a member of BBA so I’m familiar with how they operate. They have a good level of engagement, but are increasingly expensive for small businesses as time goes on, which can hinder micro business from getting involved. If a business organization with minimal fees could be created, it could provide a great lower cost option for them to be able to network.

As a web developer, I would be able to provide website/hosting for the project and possibly be involved in the organization of it if there is desire from other area business people to start one.

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