Digsby Review IM’s, email and social networking in one App!

For the last couple days I’ve been trying a different instant messager called Digsby. So far, I’m quite impressed. For years now I’ve been using Trillian to consolidate all my different IM accounts into one messager such as Yahoo IM, AIM, ICQ, etc. and Trillian has worked quite well for this.

However, Digsby goes a step further and includes most emails (which Trillian does too), but also popular social networking tools such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and LinkedIn.

You can even manage your email and social networking accounts within Digsby.

Digsby also saves a copy of all your chats if you like right on your computer for easy archiving.

Oh, and you can embed the Digsby Widget on your web site to allow visitors to chat directly with you from your site. You can also customize the widget to fit the look of your web site as you can see to the right.

If you have a bunch of IM, social networking, and email accounts, you should give Digsby a try. Download Digsby.

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