New Databases on the Burlington Free Press Website

The Burlington Free Press now offeres 3 comprehensive databases…

(1) A Property Transactions Database

(2) A Vermont School Scores Database

(3) A Restaurant Inspections Database

I did some quick searches on these databases and found them to be quite usefull. With the property transactions database I did a search for any sales done in the last year on my street and see that prices are increasing… gives me a good idea of what I could sell my place for in the future.

I checked the ratings of some Burlington schools against schools in other towns to see where our schools excel and where they lack. It appears that our schools are not performing to well in the math.

Finally, I did some checking on restaurants I’ve been too, I was surprised to find that the McDonalds here in Burlington has one of the best scores, almost perfect, with no bad remarks, most restaurants have something. I would be carefull putting too much faith in near perfect scores.

Anyway, I thought these databases were interesting, so I thought I would post them FYI.

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