Supreme Court Strengthens the 2nd Amendment

Great news!  The Supreme Court has ruled 5-4 to strike down the DC 32 year old ban on handguns

This ruling has helped to secure the right of individuals to own guns for self-defense and hunting.  This ruling has been said to be the Supreme Court’s first major pronouncement on gun rights in US History. Below is a video about the ruling…

I firmly believe that in order for people to remain free and safe we must ensure that the right for individuals to possess weapons is fully protected.

I believe that this right must be upheld to ensure that our governments don’t go too far… a country’s people must be able to defend themselves from their own government, if needed.

I also believe that in order for people to remain safe, they must be able to protect themselves from real criminals that wish to rob or hurt them.  It has been said by many criminals that their biggest fear when breaking into someone’s house is whether or not the occupant will be armed. They fear that more than being arrested.

I wouldn’t be surprised that deep down, most anti-gun rights people feel the same way… how many cars in front of homes do you see have bumper stickers that read, “We don’t believe in guns” or “Weapon Free Household”.  I haven’t seen any… my guess is that while there are a lot of people opposed to guns, they still feel a little better knowing that a potential criminal doesn’t know that.

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