ASR Interviews Rob Roper of the Vermont GOP

Below is an interview with Rob Roper, the Chairman of the Vermont Republican Party, on American Socialism for the Rich. In the interview, the following issues are discussed: The Vermont GOP and how it functions in Vermont, the economy (Federal and Vermont), bailouts, stimulus package and our Vermont will use it’s share, inflation, Instant Runoff voting in Vermont and Gay Marriage in Vermont.

In the interview Rob makes some good points on a variety of issues. One in particular that I see is how the state is getting very difficult for those that are in the middle. Individuals that either qualify for many of Vermont’s social programs or are very wealthy are fine, but if you are middle class, you will find getting by quite difficult.

It seems that the taxation and regulation has made so many products and services so expensive in Vermont compared to other states. The government has taken care of the problem for people making under $10,000 with it’s lavish social programs and the costs don’t seem bother many of the wealthy, but what about the people making between $15,000 and $25,000.

I think a lot of people in Vermont are in this range but continue to vote for the same people over and over again. I imagine they must feel the pain, but why do they think things will get better by voting for the same people? I know many people don’t vote… one could imagine how things could really change if more did vote or take the time understand what the people they voted for are doing. My guess is that most don’t have time… probably too busy working.

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