Livable Wage Campaign Survey Responses

The Peace and Justice Center sent all candidates a survey of how they feel about livable wage polices. They had two questions and we had to keep our answers to 75 words or less.  I am posting the questions and my responses below…

1. Would you support livable wages for Burlington school support staff workes in the FY 2008 school budget? If not next year, what commitment can you offer to working towards tangible goals for livable wages for all school workers?

I believe that if someone is doing a great job, we should pay what we can afford to retain them. I also believe in the right to work. If someone wants to work and is lacking in skills, but willing to learn and work at a lower wage, we should allow them the opportunity. I dislike mandatory policy that would exclude people from serving our community.

2. Would you support UVM students’ campaign for fair employment standards (livable wages for all UVM workers, responsible contractor policies for all construction contracts, and freedom to organize a union)?

I strongly support the right to unionize. However, I also believe employers should have the right to contract with whom they please. Open shop unions benefit everyone as they allow employers to chose who they want to work with and union members strive to their fullest potential. The union then acts as a brand, telling employers that members are of high quality.

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