Brokeback Mountain… Minus the Cowboys?

Brokeback Mountain I recently received an email asking why I haven’t posted any stories regarding I will go ahead and post one now. Recently a group of dedicated Brokeback Mountain movie fans decided it would be a great idea to name a mountain here in Vermont after the film.

Why name our mountain after a movie? Here are the groups reasons:

“Our naming of a Mountain is Vermonts “ultimate dedication” to the movie, its actors, and its Author Annie Proulx (who lived and went to College here in Burlington, Vermont). It is a permanent monument to the conceptualization of love between people, irregardless of their physical sex. More than that, our Mountain, by the visits of people who have seen, loved and understood the impact of the movie, will be our peace. It will bring us much happiness just to know that people who come to our Mountain, do so in peace and understanding of the concept of real love. To be able to walk upon our Mountain, knowing how it has been dedicated, is our heart-felt tribute. In short, we want our own Mountain, in our own state of Vermont, that we can be close to and visit when our hearts feel the need. There is no doubt that “Brokeback got us good!”.”

What happens next:

“We know there will be some resistance to our idea from those with simple minds. We understand that not everyone has the capacity to accept the fact that love does often exist, to varying degrees, between people of the same sex. For those close-minded people who cannot understand that or who refuse to accept it, we are truly sorry.

We are already gearing up for an interesting battle that we anticipate when we have finally chosen a mountain and make application to the state.

If you agree with our naming of a Vermont Mountain, please send us an email and volunteer to help us out. We would be empowered to have you along side of us during this battle to name a mountain.”

A Spokesman for Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas, said his staff will take no position, saying, “We’re completely neutral about the idea.”

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