Busy, busy, busy…

2007 Toyota Corolla

I know it’s been over a month since I’ve posted. I’ve had so much on plate lately, but things are finally settling down.

First, there was our ongoing saga of car problems, which finally ended with us getting a new (used) car this month.

We got a 1995 Toyota Corolla from M&H Auto here in Burlington. They were great to deal with and we got a good deal. Thank you Dan and Ray for you help!

Work has been keeping me really busy… I’ve been putting in a good 10 hours a day for while now. There’s been lots of work from new and current clients for web design and internet marketing, which has been taking about about half of my day’s time lately, which is significantly more from a year ago.

The other half of my days are spent on my own projects. I recently opened up a brand new website for designer toilet seats. These have been very popular on my JLRyan.com website and to help reduce advertising costs I decided it was best for us to spin off the product line as it’s own website so that it could rank better on the search engines as the new website is completely dedicated to the toilet seats so it should appear more relevant than JLRyan.com for them.

I also been evaluating the possibility of creating more niche-based websites to compliment JLRyan.com. There are so many possibilities that I would like to pursue, but so little time.

I’ve also been researching the possibility of setting up a domain registration business. This would be more of way to save on costs. I own a lot of domains and manage more for clients and it make sense for me to reduce this cost as much as possible and by starting my domain registration firm, I could get the registration costs down to wholesale.

I also have been trying to keep up with stocks that I follow. The last pullback in the market created some great opportunities to buy, but I just didn’t have the time to do enough research to feel comfortable with buying. Even though the market has recovered a bit already, I still think there are some good deals out there.

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